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Redoe Group`s experienced tool designers provide around the clock design support and are globally located throughout North America and Asia.

We provide our customers with innovative turn-key solutions. We use the latest version of Siemens NX CAD Software for mold designs and can accept any data format. With our software we have developed customer-based libraries of standard components to allow for consistent mold designs. Other capabilities include:

  • Advance Engineering Development & Support for Plastic Injection molded parts
  • Design for Build-to-Print conditions as required
  • Capacity to work with multiple large Projects, simultaneously
  • Utilization of 3D Printing technology for complex mold components
  • Capable of handling all CAD formats for design

Redoe offers our customers the most modern and capable tools for mold design, analysis, prototype and testing to support robust solutions with rapid time to market which include:

  • Comprehensive CAD coverage with system flexibility
  • Customer-based libraries of standard components
  • Moldflow and Cooling Support
  • 3D Mold Simulation
  • GD & T comprehension
  • Redoe Group is a world-class global supplier that specializes in manufacturing Injection Molds.
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