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Program Management

Redoe Group provides domestic and global program management from the initial design concepts throughout the entirety of the program.

At the time the program is awarded our program management team is assigned and dedicated to our customers as the single point of contact responsible for all technical and commercial needs. We are committed to providing the best solutions to ensure our customers expectations are exceeded at every level.


Our Domestic Program Managers have over 80 years of combined experience in tooling manufacturing. We generate part feasibility studies in a timely manner to provide positive feedback for improved tool construction and longer tool life. Our experience allows us to provide our customers with proactive planning and cost-effective design recommendations to have on time deliveries for premier quality.

Global Program Management

Our global Program Managers provide international integration of tooling support, both for before and after the tool delivery to our customer. The service we provide is comprehensive, that includes the Redoe warrantee. We integrate technical reviews and progress reports as part of our ongoing customer communications.

  • Redoe Group is a world-class global supplier that specializes in manufacturing Injection Molds.
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