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Global Locations

Redoe Group serves our global customers from our headquarters located in LaSalle, Ontario with a full range of design and engineering capabilities along with two repair & service facilities and two manufacturing facilities. The Redoe Group is well positioned to provide mold tooling for our customers with global platforms, having the same technologies and state-of-the-art equipment at each of our regional operations.

Redoe North America

Headquarters: LaSalle, Ontario

Situated in an industrial park close to major highways and the Michigan border crossing, our headquarters location has been operating for over 50 years. Our strategic location has allowed us to stay in close proximity to our customers and locally established delivery routes. The Redoe team here designs, engineers and develops a full range of mold tooling solutions for the automotive industry and our customers around the world.

  • Injection Mold Manufacturing
  • High Speed CNC
  • CAD and Mold Design
  • Cutting Edge Technology
Redoe plant two

Plant One: LaSalle, Ontario

Plant one is where the Redoe Group started business in 1969. Our team at this site supports our global operations. We have a dedicated staff working around the clock to keep continuous flow of our internationally built molds, catering to our North American customers.

  • 24 hour / 7 Day Mold Repair
  • Exacting Quality Control
  • Industry Leading Program Management
Redoe El Passo

Southern USA: El Paso, Texas

Within minutes of the border crossings to Mexico, our El Paso operations is uniquely situated to serve our customers in the Southern States and in Mexico. We are in the El Paso FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) which allows goods to be exported from the zone free of duty and excise tax. Our operations team here is bilingual (English/Spanish) and has vast array of experience supporting Mexico’s Maquiladora industry. We had a detailed understanding of the policies and procedures required for import and export of goods between the USA and Mexico.

  • Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Drop Services
  • Traveling Service Representatives
Redoe design center Asia

Asia Design Center: Changsha, China

Redoe’s China design center is a strategic addition to our North American design operations. There is a consistent communication between China and Canada allowing the flow and optimization of our customers designs. Our China and Canadian design offices work to the same internal mold design and customer standards.

  • Design Assistance
  • Technical Sales Team
  • Program Managers
Redoe design center Asia

Asia Manufacturing: Changsha, China

Redoe’s China manufacturing, design and operations teams develop, engineer and produce state-of-the-art mold tooling solutions for the global automotive industry. Our staff in Changsha have developed advanced manufacturing processes using the industry’s latest CNC machinery to ensure achievement of even the most stringent global industry standards.

  • Injection Mold Manufacturing
  • Exacting Quality Control
  • Fixtures & Automation


The global Redoe Group has always been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering the development of a wide range of tooling processes. Each of our operating locations uses start-of-the-art software, and best-in-class CNC equipment to manufacture molds and tooling systems that meet or exceed all of our customer’s quality standards.

  • Locations

    Headquarters & Operations: LaSalle, Ontario
    6115 Morton Industrial Parkway
    LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9J 3W2
    Operations: LaSalle, Ontario
    655 Morton Drive
    LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9J 3W3
    Operations: El Paso, Texas
    7160 Copperqueen Drive
    El Paso, Texas, USA 79915
  • Redoe Group is a world-class global supplier that specializes in manufacturing Injection Molds.
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