Accessibility On Disability Policy Statement

Redoe Group is committed to providing an accessible environment for its visitors, customers and employees and to this end will strive to provide equal access to its products, services and facilities.

Redoe Group will meet its commitment to providing Accessible Customer Service through policies and procedures that ensure all of its products, services and facilities are provided to persons with disabilities in a manner that:

1. Respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities,

2. Is integrated into the method of service delivery as fully as possible,

3. Allows persons with disabilities to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in a similar way as other customers thereby ensuring equality of outcome.

Upon request, the Accessibility for Disabilities Procedure is available in the Human Reources department. The plan is in accesible formats, such as large print, if required.

If you have any questions regarding accesibility or to provide feedback, please contact Human Resources at